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  • Latest newsletter: "Nadeshiko (Dianthus)"
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Latest newsletter: "Nadeshiko (Dianthus)"

July 13, 2018

Here is a Japanese traditional poem, Waka, written by OTOMO no Yakamochi
from Vol.18, No.4114 in Man'yoshu the oldest collection of waka from
the 7th and 8th century.
"Sekichikuga Hanamirugotoni Otomeraga Emaino nioi Omooyurukamo"
Interpretation: Whenever I see a dianthus, It brings back the memory
of how beautiful the girls' smiles are.

The Japanese women's national football team is usually called by the
nickname "Nadeshiko (dianthus) Japan". They have participated in all
seven FIFA Women's World Cups so far, and won the final in 2011.
In 2015, they could not make it to the top against the American team,
however, finished as a runner-up. Their dignified play, caring and
kindness towards fellow teammates and even for other team players, and
also their sincere smiles attracted viewers all around the world. They
are expected to be very successful at the world cup in France next year.

Read the full article:
A flower with Purity and bravery: Nadeshiko (Dianthus)

Translation by: Hitomi Kochi, reviewed by Chan Yee Ting

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